“The flowers you gave me we’re just about to die” who sang that? 🌹When life gives you #roses go to @extraordinary_desserts and you can have your #flowers #cake and eat it to 🥰... • • • • • • #strawberry #tart #petals #dessert #sweet #rose #foodporn #feedfeed #sdeats #sdfoodie #rosepetals #sexy #sexyfood #sandiego #foodie #littleitaly #tooprettytoeat #extraordinarydesserts #24carat #goldleaf #foodgasm #dailyfoodfeed #letseat #gainz #foodiefeature #prettyfood 📸 2019


Extraordinary Desserts

These are almost too pretty to eat!! But we want to eat them anyway 😂😍
@swe_eat_life lol we gotta make sure it tastes as good as it looks 👍🏼 😍 And trust anything from here is so good
Soooo pretty ❤️
These desserts look so pretty
Check out our page, thank you🐶
These are so pretty!
@_wayfare I am on a too pretty to eat streak 🤦🏻‍♀️
حتما باید "سرد نوش های"کافه شمعدونی رو امتحان کنید
These are edible?😱😱😱 they’re beautiful!
These are so pretty!
Omg almost too pretty to eat
Awww, these are so cute!! Love ❤️
Beautiful ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wow I’m hungry again 😩
@bffsandbrunch 😍☺️
@the_lone_bruncher right 😍
@glutenfreegalpal very pretty 😍
@froyery 😍
@eatdrinkrunrepeat yes ma’am ☺️
@phleeeats 😍☺️😊
@thebotvich 😊
@_letherdrinkwine_ I didn’t have this one but the ones I had were hard for me to devour right away lol
@stayhungrayy very cute ☺️
@foodievip let’s go eat 😊
@shamduni.cafe I am not sure what you said but 😊
Wow oh so pretty
@okmoorefood ☺️😍 very instagrammable
These are such pretty little desserts
These are beautiful!
@973foodie right? Lol now I want to go back and eat more 🤦🏻‍♀️
@blonde_eats_world ☺️👍🏼 they were
Omg I want this😎