This is why I don’t care if it takes more time than the client paid for..if **i** feel I didn’t do my best to hold up my end..I keep going. It’s not about results, it’s about my promise and my dedication. I don’t have a 100% success rate. But I do have a 100% that bitch tried her BEST for her clients and often gave too much rate. Witchcraft isn’t always done at the hand of another worker. Your own spirits and the spirits of your clients ( oh yes they have them too) can and will punish you if you’re not holding your hands and feet to the words of your tongue. Remember, witchcraft lands on open ends...the shit we leave floating above our heads will be stricken down to our feet. My spirits hold me to a standard that no other man can even fathom trying to hold me to. I am not someone who has much slack on the leash. When I do wrong I get punished immediately (unlike my damn sister lol ). I’ve never been allowed to purposely slip and they even whoop my ass when it’s an accident. This is why I don’t make promises but I always try. I take on cases that most workers wouldn’t poke with a stick and yet I STILL make sure my morals ethics and integrity are intact even though they may be extremely different from that of other practitioners. Yes I am willing to do shit that other people are not willing to do...because my spirits are good with it but in that extreme work...I must still keep my blood lineage in mind. Whether I’m helping someone bring light into the world or putting death on someone’s head there is still a level for ME that I have to maintain. I will not always succeed but I always have to try. _____ #hoodoo #voodoo #vodun #conjure #rootwork #witch #witchcraft #occult #divination #sevendaycandles #herbs #witchherbs #voodoosupplies #hoodoosupplies #hoodooshop #savannahhoodoo #neworleanshoodoo #hoodooyourvoodoo #witchesofinstagram #pagansofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #magick #magic #tarot #conjureoil #hoodoooil